NO HALF STEPPIN "Chivalry"  Gallantry, gentlemanliness, courtesy, courteousness, politeness, graciousness, mannerliness, good manners "acts of chivalry". This isn't to bash men, but what is going on! What happened to men opening

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU Hello kings and queens! We are adding a new segment to Anneseme.com called, "Ask Annese". We want to hear from you. Send your

LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS I've been wanting to post about long distance relationships for a while now, but it's such a sensitive subject for me.  Long distance relationships are very hard and

I've been waiting for season two of Insecure for the past several months and the first episode surely was "Hella Great"! If you haven't seen season one

Let's take a break from fashion and style and talk about relationships. After having a funny conversation with a friend of mine, I was compelled to write this, "when

Ok ladies, with it now being 2017, I've been contemplating, there comes a day when you sit back and think to yourself ,"I think I'm ready to settle