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The popular restaurant City Winery is running a test pilot requiring all customer's to take a $50 rapid test before being allowed to dine indoors. This test pilot

Maya's Cookies is serves delicious cookies like the "Chocolate Chip S'mores", "Marble Fudge", and "White Chocolate Macadamia"! Imagine enjoying these delicious cookies without feeling guilty? They are America's

AM MESSAGE FROM WARMDADDY'S "We told you we wouldn't leave you hanging! Warmdaddy's is coming back this fall! We can't wait to share our live music lineup with you

Grab your bottle from Happy Cork and join them for a Virtual Tasting Wednesday 10/14 - 6:30pm EST  on their Instagram Live. Join the ladies @jamilajanneh and @itstrentyall as they mix it up. You

ESREVER WINES This black owned wine company is switching things up in the industry. We’ve all been there; it’s been a long work week and you just want to

KIZA We recently took a trip to our second home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. One of the best kept secrets is KIZA, a Pan African cuisine restaurant and

Gangster Vegan shows us that good food comes from the soul. Vincent DePaul hasn’t let Covid19 stop him from spreading joy and awareness with his “Feed The Block Campaign”.

Yes you heard us right! Have you ordered your “WAP“ yet? Ever since Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion dropped the hit song “WAP” August 7, 2020 the internet

3 SOME CHOCOLATES Who said three’s a crowd? This blacked owned chocolate company believes that somethings are good enough to share. One of the first things that we think of when