DHS Enforcing Critical Identification Requirements to Protect the Homeland The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is reminding Americans that only 12 months remain until the October 1, 2021 REAL

With cases on the rise, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has added New Mexico to the travel advisory list requiring all travelers coming from states with significant rates of

KIZA We recently took a trip to our second home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. One of the best kept secrets is KIZA, a Pan African cuisine restaurant and

Have you heard that Trump has put a ban not only on Sudan, Tanzania, Eritrea, etc. but now Nigeria! Nigeria has one of the Continents biggest economy, so

MAGNITUDE 7.7 EARTHQUAKE SHAKES JAMAICA and CUBA There was a magnitude 7.7 earthquake reported in the Bahamas between Cuba and Jamaica earlier today. This current earthquake stretched as far

The Trump administration is banning U.S. flights to all Cuban cities except Havana beginning in December 2019. This reportedly comes in response to Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro, according

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC I have to give my two cents to the current issues that have been plaguing the Dominican Republic. Being an avid traveler I wasn't phased by the stories

 REVELATION Hello friends and family. Where do I start? Working nine to five and drafting a book has been kicking my a**! Yes, your girl has decided to take the

  Hello hello hello!!! Happy New Year. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to travel this holiday season. Egypt and Dubai were absolutely wonderful. Filled with