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It's that time of year when the weather starts to change and your skin is suffering due to the cold. Don't be discouraged, sometimes it's not just the

There are many beauty brands on the market but when it comes to our skin routine we just want a simple solution. Thats why you should try Blade

DON’T WAIT UNTIL BLACK FRIDAY Prime day has ended and the impending holiday season is among us. Don’t fret, we want to call attention to some of these black-owned

We’ve all had an issue with our skin one way or another. Let it be dark marks, acne, or dullness, and BUTTAH by Dorion Renaud is spreading it

We all know that the value of gold goes up when the market goes down. This brand will be one of the best investments you make. GOLDE is a

B CONDOMS The coronavirus has us confined to our home; covering our face; washing our hands more frequently; and keeping our distance in public. Let’s not forget about protecting ourselves

URBN SOCIAL’S MUSIC PICK OF THE WEEK  Clearly we’ve been sleeping! Then “rona” came like a bat out of hell (literally)

Sunday April 5th @ 10pm EST/7PM PST - LIVE As people in America and around the world continue to practice safety within their homes; in an effort to control

While socially distancing ourselves during the Coronavirus outbreak; this online Atlanta based company is taking us on a journey around the world with the Souk Bohemian. Giving us