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Tia Lyles-Williams - MRSc, Founder, and CEO of LucasPye Bio, is the first African American and Queer woman to own a Biotechnology / Biopharmaceutical Large-Scale Manufacturing Company.

As we wake up to uncertainty about who won the presidential election one thing rings true. We are a nation divided! Awaiting the final vote counts across the

Thursday October 22, 2020 was the last presidential debate between Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden, this is our take on it. Kristen Welker, White House Correspondent with NBC

Six hours ago the BBC reported that peaceful protest in Lagos Nigeria ended after a major shooting. SARS (Special Anti Robbery Squad). A group founded by former police

This debate was a vast contrast from the train wreck of a Presidential debate on September 29th, 2020. We were able to hear direct questions and get “some”

The first debates between Trump and Biden were an absolute disaster! Insultes being thrown back and forth, name calling and down right childish behavor. But Biden held his

On Wednesday September 23rd a Louisville Kentucky grand jury announced that only one of the officers involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor will be charged. Officer Brett

In the words of Marvin Gaye, “What’s going on”? Chris Cooper, a man minding his own business while trying to enjoy his day in Central Park bird watching. Asked

Lori Vallow As I sit back and watch a plethora of video’s on Idaho mother Lori Vallow, and think to myself if this were a black mother would they