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You feel that chill in the air? Well this black-owned brand is definitely your go to for brand new sweaters that are stylish and cozy! Souk Bohemian is your

The world stopped after hearing that our king of Wakanda, Chadwich Boseman passed away August 28th, 2020 as a result of complications related to colon cancer. There were whispers

B CONDOMS The coronavirus has us confined to our home; covering our face; washing our hands more frequently; and keeping our distance in public. Let’s not forget about protecting ourselves

Lori Vallow As I sit back and watch a plethora of video’s on Idaho mother Lori Vallow, and think to myself if this were a black mother would they

Hope that everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day with that special someone, family, or just showing yourself a little TLC! Now let’s talk bout us! “We’re family right? “My

Have you heard that Trump has put a ban not only on Sudan, Tanzania, Eritrea, etc. but now Nigeria! Nigeria has one of the Continents biggest economy, so

NOTIQ. Is it ok to say Happy New Year towards the end of January? Well its a new year and the perfect time to start planning. Should you want

McBride Sisters Collection 2019 was a major milestone for me, and a good girlfriend of mine was kind enough to surprise me with a few bottles of wine from

I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW Hello family. We are back in action. A new computer, a new year and a new attitude. Can you believe that it’s 2020! I