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TheGrio Is Giving Us Digital Streaming

Byron Allen, founder, CEO, and Chairman of Entertainment Studios/Allen Media Group recently acquired the television network Light TV.

Metro-Goldwyn Mayer’s television network, Light TV, which features faith-based family-friendly entertainment programming will make its transition to TheGrio.TV on January 15, 2021. TheGrio.TV will offer free African American movies, concerts, sitcoms, dramas, etc., streaming over 100 million households on various platforms.

In the Spring of 2020, Byron Allen withdrew his ongoing lawsuit with Comcast after their refusal to license channels like justice.tv.

Comcast has since amended their license agreement with Allen and The Weather Channel, etc., and included distribution rights to Comcast’s Xfinity XI platform.

The timing couldn’t be any more perfect with TheGrio.tv set to launch MLK weekend!

Byron Allen, Founder/ CEO/Chairman/ of Allen Media Group – Photo by: Leon Bennett/Getty Images

TheGrio is “the largest employer of African American journalist” and widely known to be one of the leading news and entertainment sites for African Americans.

Unlike other companies; TheGrio.TV is the only 100 percent owned African American digital platform and broadcasting network. Stay tuned for updates!

Feature Photo Credits: via TheGrio.com

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