Over the weekend a video went viral of Dallas Texas-based restaurant True Kitchen and Kocktails owner, Kevin Kelley cursing out customers who were twerking in his restaurant.

Courtesy of Curtis Family on Youtube – Footage of Dallas popular restaurant TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails Owner cussing out the whole restaurant due to customers (women) dancing to music the DJ playing

What’s not shown is before Kelley addresses the entire restaurant he repeatedly asked those dancing and twerking on furniture to stop.

Kelley stating “I invested a lot of money into buying this building and concept so that black people could have a nice place to go and feel good about ourselves as a culture.”

He then told the DJ to cut the music and stating that 75% of his customers are ladies. He expects men to show respect for themselves, but how can we do that when women are twerking on glass. “So if you want to do that, then get the F**K OUT!”

We are not condoning the manner in which Mr. Kelley addressed the situation, but we fully agree with his reasoning.

You invest blood, sweat, and tears into developing an upscale establishment for people of color to dine and enjoy themselves. These women not only disrespected the business but themselves!

There is a time and a place for everything! The last thing we want to see is women bent over, twerking on furniture when trying to enjoy our meal.

Carry yourself accordingly. If you want to twerk, go to the club.

There is no formal dress code. However, TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails was designed to give our guests the vibe that no other restaurant provides for our culture. With that said, we expect our guests to bring their best. In the event guests appear in flip flops, offensive apparel, or attire that is too casual we reserve the right to cancel reservations or refuse service. Our guests are fantastic and we want those around them to respect them as such with their attire.

What are your thoughts? You can also leave a review of your experience of True Kitchen + Kocktails on our directory.

Outside of this circumstance, did you enjoy the food and atmosphere?

If you’re in the Dallas Texas area don’t let this deter you from dining at True Kitchen + Kocktails.

Photo credit via True Kitchen + Kocktails.

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