We all love a little something sweet every now and again, well how about a piece of KAIKE.

Keli Smith, founded and curated KAIKE in 2015; it’s a Plant-Based Skincare brand which offers multi-use products for all skin types.

Keli had the same reaction that most of us had after watching Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair” suffering from cronic migraines. What are we putting in our hair, better yet what are we putting on our bodies? She decided to start making products for herself which developed into an online beauty retail store.

Kaike is geared towards whose who are conscious about what effects harsh chemicals can have on the body and want to celebrate skincare with sugar, spice, and everything nice. No, it’s not edible..yet. In the mean-time; bite into these affordable prices ranging from $5-$25 which won’t break the bank and smells amazing.

Photo Credits Via: Kaike

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