The Honey Pot is a plant based feminine hygiene company that looks out for woman and their “precious” jewel.

Founder Bia Dixon went back to the basics when it comes to our vagina’s. “No chemicals, toxins, artificial fragrances, or anything synthetic.”

It’s hard enough dealing with a period once a month, but what about when you’re not on your period? Dare I say yeast infections, or an unpleasant oder. If you’re a woman you’ve had these issues one time or another.

Bea Dixon

Well The Honey Pot Company offers individual products and systems for normal, sensitive, and even mommy’s to be. Using organic cotton, herbs, essential oils, and hypoallergenic materials that are safe and balance the ph. Everything we want and more.

Recently you may have noticed a commercial from Target promoting the product. Well not everyone is happy about it. Trustpilot had a swarm of negative reviews saying that Bea Dixon is racist? Really sis? She is an African American business woman, and entrepreneur who’s offering products for “women”.

Normal System – Normal Wash (5.51 oz) / Normal Wipes (30 ct) – $16.99
Refreshing Panty Spray – $7.99 (4 fl oz)
Soothing Body Balm – $35.99 (2 oz)

She is a black women who said she wants to “inspire little black girls”. By no way, form, or fashion is that racist. The reality is, as a women of color we have to work harder. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t an inspiration to little girls of all nationalities around the word. It just so happens that this woman is black and aware of the plight that we as black women have from birth in a society that doesn’t always value us or our cause.

A tip for the little girls and other women of color! Let your haters be your congratulators! Go to your local Target or online to make your purchase and show support for this black woman who’s paving the way to future little black girls with a dream.

We are happy to report that The Honey Pot Company has been doing very well since the commercial aired on February 2020. Sales are up 40%-50%.

Did I mention that it’s National Women’s History Month!

We celebrate Bea Dixon. Through adversity she is continues to succeed.




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Photo Credits Via: The Honey Pot

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